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Clive IA  50325

ConKerr Cancer

While pillowcases might not in themselves conquer cancer, they'll surely help place a smile on the faces of small patients undergoing treatment for cancer and other serious diseases.  Will you help?  Use bright, cheerful fabric to make a pillowcase using your own pattern, a
pattern from Conkerr Cancer's website or click here to download ours.

When the pillowcase is complete, please wash it and place it in a quart-size ziplock baggie.  Then just bring it in to us!

The pillowcases will be picked up and distributed to childeren in Iowa care facilities.  You can read more about the ConKerr Cancer organization at their website,

To date, we've received over 400 pillowcases.  Let's shoot for 1,000!

Thank you for your help!  You are wonderful.